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Petra Karthaus

Organ of Castillon la Bataille Silk Scarf

Organ of Castillon la Bataille Silk Scarf

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French-made silk scarf. 

The story of this square: When our heart beats wildly it's for the "choir" of the Organ of Castillon la Bataille!  400 shots! A crush, a discovery, a 400-year-old work   
A project that thrills enthusiasts who have decided to fight their battle: build an organ for the magnificent church of Castillon!  

It was at Maison  Petrusse  that the 400 brushstrokes were entrusted to create the panels that will adorn the instrument. While waiting for its construction, a series of silk squares and stoles has been made according to the rules of the art, using the designs that will adorn the panels.  
This church is located  in one of the high places of French heritage.  Maison  Petrusse  is very happy to have had the opportunity to assemble on its canvas very strong significant elements from the history of the place as well as from the poetry, peace and nature that surrounds it.  

Material: 100% Silk

Dimensions: 90x90cm

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