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Petra Karthaus

Mother Goddess Impressionist Scarf

Mother Goddess Impressionist Scarf

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In Greek mythology, Gaia is revered as the "Mother Goddess," symbolizing the Earth itself. The Ateliers of Maison Petrusse (derived from Petrus, meaning "stone"), inspired by the literary works and artistic vision of François Mauriac, a journalist, writer, poet, and Nobel Laureate in Literature. It is within these very ateliers that we give life to our captivating narratives. From this sacred land, Mauriac conceived "Genitrix," a timeless masterpiece that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

We are thrilled to unveil our exquisite wool and silk square, an artistic marvel that draws inspiration from Impressionist art and showcases a breathtaking view of our beloved Château Mauriac. This square is poised to become the must-have sensation of the season—a true bestseller in the making!

The unique diamond weave of this scarf adds a luxurious feel and graceful charm to it. Meticulously crafted in France and delicately hand-rolled, it bears the hallmark of Maison Petrusse's enchanting magic, boundless creativity, and whimsical spirit.

Diamond Weave

Printed design

120 X 120 CM

92% WOOL / 8% SILK

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