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Petra Karthaus

Enchanting Silk Twill Square

Enchanting Silk Twill Square

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This exquisite silk twill square, meticulously crafted in France and hand-rolled with meticulous attention to detail, transports us to a captivating natural setting. Its breathtaking color combinations and delightful variations make it the ultimate scarf for the season!

Indulge in the whimsical charm and enchantment of a timeless moment captured on this printed silk square, carefully hand-rolled and brought to life in collaboration with artist Pascale Lesage.

Silk twill, renowned for its beauty and suppleness, effortlessly adapts to your desired style. Its diagonal stripes elegantly enhance the fabric's colors, while the generous size of this silk square opens up endless possibilities for creative and stylish combinations!

Made in France

100% silk twill

Hand-rolled edges

105 X 105 CM 

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