Welcome to Petra Karthaus

Upon entering the store, the first thing you will probably notice is that Petra Karthaus is so much more than a place to buy clothes. An intricate jewelry counter by the front has been careful selected to match the look and feel of the clothing. Speaking of curation, the store's walls are adorned with all kinds of art. Often times, visitors wind up taking a seat in the lounge at the back to chat with us about the paintings and quirky stories behind them. 

Our latest art installation - The "Ciao Bella" painting - will be sure to grasp your attention. The artwork references Audrey Hepburn, a 60's style and fashion icon driving a Fiat Cinquecento, a much loved car and an icon of Italian style. The image repeats four times - each a different color representative of an offset lithography ink palette, accenting the magenta, cyan, yellow, and black used in offset printing. Overall, the painting evokes a vibrant, instant flash, retro feel while combining fashion and art. We hope you enjoy "Ciao Bella" as much as we do :) 

Why Shop In-Store for Clothes?

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The Manulife Centre

55 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON M4W 1A5

Tel: (416) 922-5922

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