European Luxury Fashion

Petra Karthaus opened in 1989, and since then, the philosophy has been to give our customers the best quality in fashion and service. But more than that, we became known for our boutique experience. Each season's new collections are curated with selected jewelry and bags completing the look. Our customers are presented with the latest fabrics from France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, in addition to various unique ensembles to mix and match for any occasion. 

About Us

EXCLUSIVE - Loungewear Luxury

Introducing our all-new loungewear and pyjama collection - where comfort meets style. Dive into a world of relaxation with meticulously designed pieces from Féraud Paris & Rösch, that combine luxury, softness, and effortless chic.

  • Bogner

    Your own personal survival kit - stylishly up to date with everything you need. Tote or shoulder bag, Hobo or Cross body - We have it all. Choose yours in silver, black or navy. Made from sturdy nylon or grained leather. With BOGNER, you are presented with particularly expressive accessories that perfectly underline your personality. Prove your style – with these must-haves for every occasion and discover more than one favorite...

  • Petrusse

    Each collection presents an enchanted world full of wonder, harmony, and dreams. Maison Petrusse is known for creating beautiful scarves, chèches crafted on jacquard looms with the hands of expert weavers. The stoles are unique and chic, allowing the wearer to wear the history of Petrusse poetry.

    You would like this brand if you… appreciate classic designs and have an affinity for timeless luxury.

  • Caroline's Dream

    NO to sulfates, parabens or animal testing... YES to small batch, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging! Caroline's Dream works with reputable suppliers and uses only sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients - handcrafted using organic botanicals. Herbs are carefully chosen and gently handled to impart their maximum healing properties into every product.