Good Vibrations from the PK Store

  Good Vibrations from PK Fashion

Toronto is re-emerging and PK is excited about the prospect of welcoming back our customers. We hope you enjoy our summer-focused photos. 
Our Favorite Summer Look
On the 30th anniversary of Pretty Woman PK celebrates summer dresses we’ve chosen for movement, with fabrics free of constriction: cotton blends, linens-all breathable and wrinkle-resistant - an added benefit at outdoor events.
Streamlined silhouettes continue to reign supreme at outdoor events. Minimize skin on show - which tends to raise eyebrows - by shielding shoulders beneath a lightweight pashmina from Bordeaux or a shawl or bolero jacket. Hats are de rigeur, pack hair pins to protect from high winds, pigeons or if like Vivian Ward, your horse comes in first.
Wedding Guest Dresses

Favor soft fabrics, Italian or French, and keep the bride sweet by asking in advance if there’s a color code you should copy. Stay clear of brash tones and black.

Weddings are great-but they can be long. Choose layers that can be re-worked throughout the day-shedding a shawl for example.




There’s always one who refuses to wear a dress, no matter the occasion. But ditching the dress code doesn’t mean all codes go out the window. If wearing a dress isn't you then go for a statement two-piece paired with some fun accessories




Colors stimulate our brains in different ways and the way we incorporate certain colors in our daily lives says a lot about who we are. If you're someone who appreciates color, and loves to incorporate bright colors into your wardrobe collection, opt for a chic top from Milan, Naples or Dusseldorf!

Pair this colorful Margittes top with some color-popping accessories for a more glamorous look!

Compensate with a striking accent and with today’s eyes on the neck - show yours some love with these necklaces from our men in Milan.

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