PK’s Fall/Autumn 2020 Collection!

 New Season Tour Guide

Take a fashionable tour of this Fall’s finest collectibles. Feel free to touch and wear the art work...
The Blank Canvas
At PK we enjoy a blank canvas…when it’s time to dress; a minimal styling approach.
The Theory of Color
Fall season’s palette from Barcelona and Munich is decidedly festive.
Salzburg-based 2-in-1 Schneiders Coat
Salzburg-based Schneiders is dedicated to one thing and one thing only: 
Crafting the perfect everlasting outerwear (and they nailed it!). This Fall’s dream is this 2 piece timeless coat/jacket. We hope you love this piece as much as we do.
Layering Style Technique
Layering like a professional artist requires experimentation... 
Play with different prints - a cotton shirt from Berlin is a great place to start and play around with a cashmere sweater overlay from Naples.
Finally, enjoy a real art piece recently added to the PK in store art collection. The painting on canvas celebrates a 60’s style and fashion icon driving a Fiat Cinquecento; a much loved car which is also an icon of Italian style. The painting has a big, happy retro mood which combines fashion with the art and style of an era.
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