Welcoming Anja Gockel

A few buying trips ago, we were introduced to Anja Gockel, a German-born designer with a flare for colour who trained under Vivienne Westwood. We were taken by her “No Room for Doubts” winter collection - and we weren’t the only ones. Anja’s collection won her 2017 Designer of the Year at Berlin Fashion Week

But it was her attitude and approach to fashion that spoke to us. Inspired by strong women like Amelia Earhart, Pina Bausch and Patti Smith, her design sense has given women around the world a look to celebrate themselves and show themselves off for the spirits they are. We knew she’d fit perfectly in our city, at our store and with our customers.

We’re pleased to announce that her spring/summer line has finally arrived in the store.


When you show up somewhere in an Anja Gockel, people tend to notice. Her dresses and skirts work hard to accentuate the figure - and her exclusive prints make a statement. And when we say exclusive, we mean it: no other fashion house in the world can replicate the Gockel style (though few have tried).

Her 2017 line relies on turquoise and corals mixed with royal blue to bring the signature Gockel style home. And in a slight break from the brightness she’s known for, she’s introduced a head-turning black and white theme.

Anja’s spring/summer collection has infused us - and our customers - with positivity. Her line’s only been in the store for a few days, and people are already drawn to it. We’re proud to have her on our shelves, and we know you’ll be proud to have her in your closet.

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