Welcoming Anja Gockel

A few buying trips ago, we were introduced to Anja Gockel, a German-born designer with a flare for colour who trained under Vivienne Westwood. We were taken by her “No Room for Doubts” winter collection - and we weren’t the only ones. Anja’s collection won her 2017 Designer of the Year at Berlin Fashion Week.    But it was her attitude and approach to fashion that spoke to us. Inspired by strong women like Amelia Earhart, Pina Bausch and Patti Smith, her design sense has given women around the world a look to celebrate themselves and show themselves off for the spirits they...

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A Slight Change

Last month, we told you we were going to be featuring Designer of the Year Anja Gockel in this post to celebrate her line’s arrival at the store.   As it turns out, the spring shipment was delayed. So while we wait, let’s talk about accessories - your opportunity to play designer. That’s why we love when customers come in for hats & bags, scarves and jewelry - and why we put so much thought into all of them. Here’s some of what you’ll find in the store this month:   Hats & Bags   We were big fans of Eric Javits before he...

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Notes from the Old Country

We just got back from our first European buying trip of the season. There was much less visible security than last year. It felt much more welcoming. Nice to see.   We did Paris like we always do, but we also did Düsseldorf, which, if you didn't know, is to Germany what Milan is to Italy. Generally speaking, German designers are very fashion-forward but also very minimalist — almost too much for North American and British tastes. Our clients love the looks we bring back, and they love the quality. For example, two of our German suppliers source wool from Loro...

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