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Petra Karthaus

Organ of Castillon La Bataille Silk Square

Organ of Castillon La Bataille Silk Square

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The story behind this square is a tale of passion and artistry. It begins with the Castillon la Bataille Organ Choir, whose harmonious melodies capture hearts and ignite emotions. This 400-year-old work of art inspired a dedicated group of enthusiasts to embark on a noble mission: to build an organ for the magnificent church of Castillon.

Maison Petrusse was entrusted with the task of creating the panels that will adorn the organ, and in the meantime, a series of silk squares and stoles were expertly crafted to reflect the intricate designs. Each piece carries the essence of the church's rich history, poetry, peace, and the surrounding nature that enwraps it.

The first silk square, available in 3 unique variations, has been framed, certified, and authenticated by ARTtrust. This organization develops and provides certification solutions for artists, galleries, and experts. To ensure the security of the artwork, ARTrust employs one of the most advanced technologies.

Designed and printed in France


FINISHING : Hand-rolled

AVAILABLE COLORS : Blue and Emerald Green

90 X 90 CM 


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