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Petra Karthaus

Aquatic Seahorse Scarf

Aquatic Seahorse Scarf

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Delicate and light, the aquatic stole embodies elegance. Carefully crafted, this scarf is a true textile jewel, offering a unique sensory experience.

The exclusive design of the stole showcases a delicate illustration featuring a seahorse, an iconic symbol of the marine world. The seahorse, created with artistic precision, adds a poetic dimension to the stole, evoking the beauty and magic of the underwater realms.

The lightweight nature of the stole makes it a versatile accessory, perfect for all seasons. Made from high-quality materials, it offers a soft and silky touch, providing a pleasant sensation on the skin. Its fine and delicate weave creates a veil of softness that elegantly drapes over whoever wears it.

The dimensions of the stole allow for a variety of ways to wear it, whether as a light scarf around the neck or even as an elegant shawl for special occasions. The versatility of the MARIN stole makes it perfect for complementing both casual and dressy outfits, adding a touch of refinement and charm.

TECHNIQUE : Printing

FINISHING : Machine Rolled, fringes

AVAILABLE COLORS : Coffee Beige and Sky Blue

70 X 180 CM

85% MODAL 15% SILK

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