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Petra Karthaus

Theseus Inspired Printed Stole

Theseus Inspired Printed Stole

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Sumptuous oversized stole, an artistic blend of wool and silk, unveiling a captivating journey through time, akin to an exquisite engraving.

Inspired by timeless mythology, a wellspring of our creative muse, this stole weaves a tale of sophistication with its luxuriously soft threads.

Picture the legendary Theseus, son of Aegeus, bearing a ball of wool and a silk thread—a visual metaphor as our stole becomes a modern-day labyrinth, a soft armor to embrace and share. Beyond the intricate patterns lies a heart, a radiant symbol uniting our iconic cashmere legacy with the contemporary, narrating a story of elegance and heritage.

TECHNIQUE : Screen-Printing


AVAILABLE COLORS : Powder Pink and Blue

110 X 200 CM 

65% Wool / 40% Silk

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