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Petra Karthaus

Edgar Degas Silk Muslin Stole

Edgar Degas Silk Muslin Stole

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Edgar, a textile masterpiece, draws inspiration from the poetic universe of Edgar Degas, an undisputed master of captivating paintings. This exquisite piece transforms the delicacy of a flower into lightweight silk, weaving a visual story that harmoniously evokes the enchanting rhythm of the artist's legendary creations.

The silk, sumptuous canvas of this scarf, is metamorphosed into an ethereal garden where the poetry of a flower blossoms with infinite grace. Each petal seems to dance with the invisible breeze, capturing the very essence of movement and fluidity that characterize Degas's iconic works. The delicate hues and subtle gradients of colors reveal a carefully chosen palette, evoking the luminous intensity of the impressionist painter's studio.

The exquisite details of the soft Edgar stole are not merely patterns but fragments of a visual choreography, recalling the graceful ballerinas and scenes of Parisian life immortalized by Degas. Every fold, every line, every curve of the silk seems to capture the very essence of artistic inspiration, merging the elegance of the textile with the priceless legacy of the renowned painter.

By wearing the Edgar scarf, you envelop yourself in a visual symphony, a celebration of movement and impressionist aesthetics. It's a piece that transcends the simple fashion accessory to become a living expression of art, connecting the wearer to Edgar Degas's timeless legacy and the evocative magic of dance and nature.

TECHNIQUE : Printing


AVAILABLE COLORS : Powder Pink, Raspberry Pink and Emerald Green.

65 X 200 CM 


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